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Manually passing documents between staff?We can simplify this process. Performing repetitive data entry?We can automate processes. Out of the office, capturing information?We are available on your mobile. Loosing track of application forms?We can manage these for you.

With our product support and configuration options, we can easily integrate with most drop ship services.

Manage your products, fees and shipping all in one place.

With the ability to automatically generate daily sales extracts to be sent to the drop ship supplier, there is no need for manual uploads or intervention.

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Our graphical work flow builder can quickly change your business processes and perform additional tasks, such as pausing large sales for review before fulfilling the order.

You can control when specific events take place and how to control the data that customers have entered.

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Using the screen builder, you can create new web page forms to capture information from users. Building in a new screen to capture a customers personal information can be done in a few clicks.

Permission controls provide the security of showing or hiding a screen from a user based on their position in your business.

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The inbuilt dashboard display allows you to see which customers have applied, and what stage they are at in the sales process.

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